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Islamic Belief in the Bible – #1 beliefs Challenge

Islamic Belief in the Bible

Christians think that Muslims believe that all the Bible is false. That’s why when Muslims cite the Bible to prove that Prophet Muhammad was foretold in the Bible or that Jesus is not God,

Christians may ask:

if you don’t believe in the Bible, why do you cite it?Islamic Belief in the Bible

In other cases, they may cite what the Quran tells about the Torah being sent to Moses or the Gospel sent to Jesus or the Psalms sent to David.

Christians use these verses to say that the Quran is actually saying that the Torah and Gospels are true.

This is because they don’t understand how Muslims believe in the books of Jews and Christians.


Prophet Muhammad tells us neither to believe the people of the book nor to disbelieve in them.

If it is false, Muslims won’t confirm it, and if it is true, then Muslims won’t deny it.

The Quran actually acknowledges some truth in the Bible as stoning the adulterer and that it tells that an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.

It also tells many stories of the prophets which in many cases resemble the stories of the prophets in the Bible.

On the other hand, the Quran disagrees with the Bible when it says that God rested after He created the Heaven and Earth.

The Quran disagrees with the Bible when it says that Aaron ordered the Israelites to worship the calf.Islamic Belief in the Bible

Muslims believe that God Almighty doesn’t rest or repent.

Muslims believe that prophets are sent from God to teach people about Him, so they should be an ideal model so that people follow them.

If the prophet was worshiping idols or if he was an adulterer or a liar, then people won’t have any incentive to obey God.

Islamic Belief in the Bible

We as Muslims believe that the Bible as any other previous book or any apocryphal book may contain truth and falsehood.

The case is that the previous books sent from God were subject to interpolations either by addition or omission or replacement.

This caused the books present now to be distorted where truth is mixed with falsehood.

God sent the Quran as the final pure word of God as a judge on the previous books since it contains the absolute truth.

A question is raised here;

isn’t God able to protect his books?

Islamic Belief in the Bible

For sure God is able to protect His books, but God didn’t promise the Jews and Christians to protect their books.

On the other hand, God ordered the Jews to keep their books, neither to add or to omit. A promise is different from an order.

If God promised to protect a book, then no one can change a letter from it.

But if God ordered people to keep the book, then people may obey God and may disobey Him.

For example, God ordered Israelites not to worship idols, but many of them did. God ordered the Israelites to keep their book, but they disobeyed God.

This is not the case of the Quran where God promised to protect it since it is the final book sent from God that contains the absolute truth and whom all people should follow till the end of days.


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