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3 Most Important Knowledge for Muslims

Importance of Knowledge for Muslims

Knowledge is the lost heritage of Muslim; wherever you find it, acquire it!”

As the above Hadith reads, Muslims are the inheritors of knowledge.

This hadith shows the emphasis laid by Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on acquiring Knowledge.

This is the duty of a Muslim; to learn. As the Quran says:

Did Jesus Say That He Is God

“And who so brings the truth and believes; therein such are the dutiful.” (Quran, 39:33)

Allah encourages Muslims to explore this world and go for research.

In Quran:

“Do they not travel through the land, so that their hearts (and minds) may thus learn wisdom and their ears may thus learn to hear?

Truly it is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts which are in their breasts.” (22:46)

Why is it so, that Quran puts so much stress on acquiring knowledge?

Why Allah wants Muslims to research and explore this world?

The answer is pretty obvious. It will benefit us in both the worlds, this one and the one that comes after.

It is human nature that experience consolidates what is learned in the books.

So, when we explore the world, we go into the intricacies of how this world operates, and thus we acquire a better understanding of how powerful Allah is.

Consequently, our faith in Allah is consolidated.Holy Spirit and Guidance , religion, freedom-820339.jpg

Research broadens one’s mind and it helps one relate things with their origin, which will lead him/her towards the sole Creator of the universe, Allah Almighty.

Knowledge for Muslims

It is a fact that till the time Muslims kept on with acquiring and spreading knowledge, they were the dominant race, and when they stopped, they all went downhill.

The present condition of the Muslim nations stands as a true testimony to the importance of knowledge in this world.

In the glorious past of Muslims, the world has seen some truly great scientists who set the basis for modern sciences.

Ibn-e-Sina, Ibn al Hathem, Al-Razi and Al-Khawarizmi are some of the famous Muslim scientists whose names are famous throughout the world.

In the modern world, though Muslims still lag behind in the field of science, the name of famous Muslim scientist Dr. Abdus Salam stands to contradict their present plight.

He proposed “The theory of Grand Unification”, which, besides winning him the Nobel Prize, opened new doors of research in the field of physics.

Fiqh of Ramadan

Despite the downtrodden condition in which the Muslim states have been surviving, a positive and gradual change is spreading in their attitudes for the past few decades.

Initiatives in the form of establishing international standard universities and research centers in Muslim countries are being taken both by the private and public sector.

In Pakistan, National University of Science and technology (NUST) is ranked among the top 400 universities of the world, which stands as a testament to this gradual change.

However, having said that, I believe there is still a lot to be done, which we should not forget.

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