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#1 Idea of Islam – The Pure Belief In God

Islam – The Pure Belief In God

As the shortest route is the straight line, the pure belief in God is the most straight forward. Islam gives the simplest and most logical belief in God.

The Quran talks to people about who God is in a simple and logical way through facts that cannot be denied.

When we think about how this Universe around us is that huge and how it is run in harmony, this couldn’t have been made by coincidence.The Pure Belief In God

When we look at the Earth and how its conditions are that ideal for human beings to survive and how the integration between man and other creatures as plants in the photosynthesis process keeps life on Earth.

When we see how complicated is the body of man, animals and even insects that we cannot create even a fly.

When we see all these signs in that great Universe, it will never seem logical to say that all this came from nothing. This is simply against the laws of Thermodynamics.

If we knew that, then we must come up to the conclusion that this Universe has a Creator.

This Creator must be greater than any of His creatures as He had the power to create them when they actually cannot create a fly.

If this Creator is superior over His creatures, then He is the only one who should be worshiped, not a stone or a tree or a man.The Pure Belief In God

Since all these are weak creatures which can neither benefit nor harm, then they do not deserve worship.

Only God who has the absolute power, who is omnipotent, omniscient is the one who should be worshipped.

This is simply the message of Islam.

That there is only one God who created this Universe, who manages everything going on in this world, who knows what is the best for us.

That’s why we should worship Him, love Him, rely on Him, fear nothing except disobeying Him.

That’s why Islam tells that Jesus is not God.

Jesus was a mere man and God is not a man.

Jesus never said that he is God because this was the message of all prophets.

The message of all prophets was to tell people there is only one God who deserves worship.

Islam tells that God forgives our sins if we repented. God doesn’t put a law for sinning and when He wants to abolish that law He becomes a man and dies.

God Almighty doesn’t need to get humiliated to find a solution to a law He made. People forgive each other, won’t God forgive people?

The Pure Belief In God

Islam unlike the Bible doesn’t teach that God rests or repents, doesn’t resemble God with a bear or a lioness or a lamb.

Islam teaches that God has mighty attributes as He is the only God who deserves worship.

This is the simple, logical and straight forward belief in God.



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